Equine Mental Skills Trainer for Horses & Equine/Contract Lawyer




When I was two years old my father introduced me to the horses. My love story started when I was a kid. Even though I had seven years of break to become a lawyer, I decided to keep writing my life story with horses. I was a showjumper for a while on the other hand when I was around 16 years old, I was trained as a junior dressage rider . I had chosen as a member of Turkish National Team for 3 years. Meanwhile I started my university adventure in the law faculty in Istanbul. I worked as a company lawyer for seven years and gave a break to my horseriding career.


In 2013 I made a sharp turn and started to improve myself as a rider/trainer and mentor. Since then I am riding as a professional showjumper and working with difficult or tired horses, teaching beginners and medium level riders, mentoring. I am working in different countries with different horses and riders. I received the education of animal behaviours, stable management, pony training, level 1 riders training and horsemanship. I enjoy helping mentally difficult horses by riding or spending time in the stables. I am still developing myself for the best.


I have been riding for a long time. I was lucky enough to start riding as kid and kept training when I was a teenager and became professional when I was at my late 20's. I was and still jumping but when I was between 14-20  I practiced dressage and trained in France also I had chosen as Turkish National Team Member and represented Turkey in FEI Balkanic Championship and also at several international competitions. My best results were 4th place as a team and 1st place in Turkish Championship, 3th place in Romania, FEI Balkanic Dressage Championship. 

This dressage adventure gave me a lot of experience about a good flat work for showjumping. I became a flat work as a rider. I practiced more showjumping and started working with special horses. My job is to fix the horses which can have mental obstacles to build a connection with riders.

That guided me to educate myself about horsemanship and animal behaviour. I attended the courses of stable management, pony trainers programme, animal behaviour, National level 1 coaching course, FEI horsemanship study and also FEI Campus; course designing & judges level 1, FEI Level 1 Coaching Course in Oman, Animal reiki practitioner.

I started giving classes to kids in Istanbul and continued to be a trainer in Kuwait. I had many riders starting from beginner level up to 110 cm.


I am a proud member of ACT Equestrian Team And Horse Company.

Currently we are working as team of trainers to help any level of riders for them to improve their riding, to learn about horsemanship and horses, to attend competitions, to find solutions for their problems, to deal horses for sale in France, to prepare summer workshops and to answer all the questions.

We want to show you that you are not alone on this industry and we are happy to guide you.

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