Are you jumping everyday?

Well this topic is coming from some observation of mine. Unfortunately some head coaches or beginner trainers are willing to make good horses jump so much or everyday. When the trainer sees a decent horse which is jumping well or helping the rider, they make that horse jump a lot of time in one class until they fix the rider's mistakes or make the horse jump 3-4 times a week. Therefor most of these horses starts stopping or getting injured after a while. And also when we over do something, we are breaking the confidence of the horse. whether you are making a mistake or riding perfectly, over jumping will make your horse tired, the more it gets tired the more he will loose his willing to jump.

Horses hadn't been created as machines to makes us happy or jump for us. As a rider we first need to understand that they have their own life environment, life purpose, health system, mental health etc.. There are two things that you can loose by working wrong;

- Your horses physical health,

-Your horses mental health.

A mentally good horse can try to give you all his best even if he is not ready physically but once you drive your horse crazy, it is not easy to deal with him and also he will not give you what you want easily. Or it is really easy for your horse to loose his confidence on a jump.

If you are jumping so many times in one class, if you feel that your horse is getting tired, just leave it for that day and even though if you need to fix something, try to work on it another day.

If your horse is brave enough to jump high, don't jump so high always. Anyway you know that he can jump so practice on small jumps and jump high maybe only a day.

If your horse is good on the jump, don't jump him everday.

Otherwise you will loose something. Or the friendship of your horse or the health of your horse. What you can do is to prepare a weekly schedule with one day off, one day flat work, two days of pole working or small jumps like crosses, one day jumping and the rest you can go to a competition.