This post will be a visual feast, get ready!

I believe it is not only mebut many of the equestrians, love using equestrian prints on their daily outfits. Maybe it is the idea of being a horse person or loving the details. And also for me I find it pretty elegant and love having a horse touch on my clothes, bags, blankets, socks etc.

My riding breeches are from GhoDho and I am very hapyy with it but what do I like when I don't get on a horse? Wherever I find an equestrian touch, I directly jump on it.

BUT! I am in love with this brand, if you didn't see it already, here is my favourite these days..

Rönner Design is an independent, family-owned fashion house and lifestyle brand specialising in equestrian-inspired, ready-to-wear womenswear and accessories.

Founded in 2015 by sisters Carin and Jessica Stellabatti Rönner, their collections are increasingly receiving international recognition for their classic designs, keen attention to detail and finest quality fabrics, often featuring their portfolio of iconic, equestrian prints.

The Rönner philosophy combines a timeless elegance and style with practicality, with their pieces eminently transferable from day-to-night, private enclosure at the Polo to family Sunday lunches. Every collection is an evolution – showcasing fresh takes on their staple pieces, whilst at the same time introducing new designs to refresh and reflect the latest trends.

There are many quotes about fashion like;

" You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it." -Edith Head. OR

" Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.." which is one of my favourites.

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." - Bill Cunningham

Fashion is not about labels as Ralph Lauren mentioned but also good quality with a touch of horse bits makes it very irresistible. Therefore I love this brand as it gives you high quality products with an equestrian touch.

You will get lost between sweaters, shoes, blouses even baby dresses. Fashion and horse love together just sounds perfect.

Maybe not always we can afford to buy expensive clothes or silkscarfs as we already spend a lot of money to our horses and stables, competitions, horse food etc. but it is possible make a logical budget and spoil ourselves with this kind of unique collections. Even though if you buy one item and match it with favorable items, you will add 90 points to your daily look, that's what I truly believe. I don't believe that is elegant to swim into labels as much as I believe you should have only 'one' star piece at your outfit. That will look much beautiful and graceful.

This creation of a Rönner ‘lifestyle’ has been inspired, in large part, by the girls’ mother, Ines Rönner, who left her native Germany as a young girl and came to Colombia where she indulged in her love of horses and established herself as a cornerstone of the social scene, opening a successful tack business and regularly hosting visitors from overseas.

This passion was passed to her children who share her love of horse riding and fashion. And with Rönner Design they have been able to harness their European roots and immerse themselves in their love of all-things-equestrian, whilst at the same time adding a dash of Latin American flair to deliver collections unlike any others in the marketplace.

Now launching their fifth collection, Rönner Design demonstrates a renewed commitment to designing for fashion-conscious women seeking transitional pieces that offer stylish solutions for a number of social situations, both personal and professional. From effortless day dresses to chic shirts and scarves, the vibrant prints and materials brighten up any outfit. And with complementary bags, boots and other accessories also available, clients can start to adopt the Rönner lifestyle for themselves.

There a couple of street style tips to combine these amazing pieces:

-Denim has definitely been a huge trend always, we can use a denim piece with anything. It looks great with anything and everything plus it is affordable and also easy to use when you are in a show to watch or also in the stables as I doesn't die easily.

-No matter where you are headed, alway dress to impress. You can impress your horse doesn't matter because we do not do it for others but we do it for ourselves to feel perfect.

-Customize your pieces. Fashion is all about being expressive. So, don't be afraid to customize some of your oieces to make them more you or simply use horse figures on your clothes:)

If you want to see more about Rönner Design, you can simply check from their web page or follow their Instagram account to be kept updated.