Unfortunately these days I am hearing a lot about 'sedative' with chemicals. But I must say I don't agree to make a horse addicted to something to calm it down as much as I don't agree becoming a pill addict as a person. I am quite sure most of the adults who are facing with difficulties in life can be using anti-anxiety medications. Here; the most important point is to use these medications if you really need it.

1. It can be given by a doctor,

2. Anxiety can be causing health problems,

3. You may have a professional opinion or suggestion,

4. Counseling etc.

For a human in these cases ofcourse to use medication can be necessary or you may prefer it and you will have a good reason to save your own health but when it comes to horses most of the riders just decide to give a sedative product and keep giving it every time they ride. In some cases this is just unfair for the horse. To examine the reason why your horse is so fresh that you feel like you need to calm it down with a chemical is very important. Like humans, all horses have different personalities and needs. Some horses needs more work, some horses become fresh or excited for specific reasons as the owner our responsibility is to figure it out why and how. If the work for your horse is not enough that he or she gets excited for no reason or if you feel like they are just excited than usual times or more than the other horses, you can;

1. Lunge every morning, ride in the afternoon or the contrary,

2. Use alternative relaxation tips, (Herbals, Massages etc.)

3. After work or lunging, leaving it free in the arena and let the horse spend some time free,

4. Checking the kind and amount of the food and changing it.

When you are a dedicated owner, you will enjoy to spend more time with your horse and giving it from your heart. The more you take the horse out of the stable, the more you spend time on the saddle, the more you spend time in the stable by massaging or playing with your horse, anxiety of your horse will reduce and it will be seen even on the work, jumping or dressage.

Horses are meant to have turnout, to be in herds, to play and to graze. They need this for their emotional health. Yet so many horses are kept inappropriately, then worked too hard to compensate for their emotional energy. This leads to injuries and lameness and masks the underlying problems.- Equine Wellness

Don't forget that as a rider you need to be calm when you feel your horse is excited or anxious for any reason or maybe no reason. Horses needs a leader, they used to follow therefore the owner or rider will be the one who is leading the horse. The more you stay calm on the horse, if there is only anxiety exists with your horse, it will disappear in time. . Instead of using a chemical.

When the natural approach doesn't work, it may be time to consider chemical sedation. However, these medications must not be abused and should only be utilized as a last resort or in serious medical situations but not for training purposes.