Nobody saıd ıt would be easy..

They just promised it would be worth it. As I mentioned before, this a very long when you want to become a professional. You can be a farrier, a groom, a vet, a trainer or a rider, whatever you want to become in equestrian world, you have to keep the and hard work with you. There will be so many times, you have to face with double standards, bad jobs, hard horses, difficult people. But when you clarify your path in your mind, these will be just small stones on your road. It is about learning not to give up even if everything pushes you to give up.

Set your goals,

Do not listen everyone, choose wisely who to listen and stick to him. Because once you are in the arena or on the horse everyone speaks their minds.

Seek knowledge, the journey is for you so enjoy it.

Don't focus on results, they will come in time.

The horses are your team mates. Don't forget that!

Respect to your stable life with your attitude or even with your outfit.

Don't rely on others.

Read more, watch more, learn more.

Follow equestrian trends.

When you get tired learn to rest not to quit.