Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Well we all have goals, dreams, plans... And I must say I experienced a lot of time that life is not happening according to your plans BUT life is happening according to your goals. There is a big difference with planning something and setting a goal. Because plans can change due to the fact that possibilities and it is okey to change it. Plans are just the road to achieve the goals but ypu can use different roads to reach the same goals. So don't worry if you need to change your plan, it doesn't mean that you may not be able to reach your goal though.

I read it online and I want to share it. This Canadian- American motivational coach teaches to reach a goal with 12 steps.

1. "Get Burning Desire to Reach the Goal."

It will become your motivation on the way to your success.

2."Convince Youself That the Goal Is Achievable."

If you don't do this, you might simply give up when things seem hard.

3."Write Your Goal Down."

Otherwise, it will just remain a dream.

4."Write Down the Pros."

You should make a list of benefits that you'll receive after achieving your goal and re-read it regularly.

5."Find The Countdown Point."

You should have a clear picture of where you are starting and where the finish line is.

6."Set A Deadline."

Define the exact time you would like to rach your goal.

7."Make A List Of Possible Obstacles."

You should keep in mind all difficulties you might encounter on the way to success.

8."Find Out Whether You Need Additional Information."

If yes, then find out where you can go to get it.

9."Find People Who Can Help You."

It is perfect when there are people you can rely on.

10."Make A To-do List."

It should be as detailed as possible.

11."Visualize The Result."

It is another tool that helps sustain high levels of motivation.

12."Make A Decision Not To Give Up Until You Reach Your Goal."

The last point is the most important in any situation.

Think flexible.. Be ready to motivate yourself, to find solutions, believe in personal growth at any age and time.