Should I Stay or Should I Go Moments!

I am seeing so much from my riders that they are getting scared of falling. . I am always trying to make it sure that riders who come for the first time needs to understand falling from a horse is not the end of world moreover it is part of this sport. But on the other hand there are some facts which can put you in danger and you can avoid these. Simple falls from a decent horses at your classes are as normal as cantering. Or sudden movement of a horse. . We are working with an animal with his own thoughts, body and mind so that makes this sport unique and on othe ther hand that makes the riders get scared. Nothing can be more normal than a horse who can get scared from a car, sudden noise, unexpected things, environmental changes etc. If it was a kid who was getting scared of these little things, you would be explaining to him or her that it wasn't something to be scared of but usually we don't do this to our horses, why? They have no idea what it is and they are getting scared so as a rider we should be showing them like showing a young children and being patient between the time they understand. On the other hand the situations that you can avoid comes with the safety checks. Check your equipment before you ride, learn about the horse's history that you are riding. If you are a beginner and you are asked to ride a difficult horse, this is inviting danger for no reason. But as long as you ride under the professional conditions, nothing major will happen and you will understand little falls are daily things. So if you are just sacred from falling, you should stay😁 as see that it is not a big deal.

I have been asked about my fall many times but unfortunately my fall actually wasn't my fall. My fall was the fall of the horse that I was riding. And this weekend after one year I will go another surgery to remove the screws on my pelvis bone. Even though I questioned a lot if it is worth to ride problematic horses after the surgery, I still believe that's the part of being a professional. And this is my job. But it doesn't mean that will happen to you because you are riding. I guarantee you, you can avoid these situations and I guarantee you we knew it before that something could happen as I needed to be careful because we knew the horses that I was riding.

As much as sudden movements are unpredictable, the personality of your horse or the problem of your horse is predictable.

If you are in between to ride or not to ride because you are getting scared of falling. . Ride, give a chance to the possible bound between the rider and horse than you will understand why we don't care about falling. And like the super, best motivational message from my flower says, "The one falls and gets back is much stronger." ❤️🌸