Story of "The Mare"

This is the short story of a legendary mare for me. There is always one horse which can change the life of a rider. This was a that kind of horse but it had been a long way for her.

Years and years when my parents were walking in one of the stables in France, my mom who wasn't and never a rider, saw a big mare in her stable and fell in love with the animal. As she wasn't a rider it was just a love at first sight with the animal itself. As my father was a three day event rider, he was checking the horses but this mare was too expensive for his budget so unfortunately they didn't even ask for it and keep checking the other horses.

Years after, one day, a very nice lawyer wanted to become a good rider but she was at the beginning of the road and wasn't experienced. They offered a horse to her and she was good with her budget. They bought the horse and brought it to Istanbul. It was a surprise for us because this was the same horse that my mom fell in love with a couple of years ago.

This mare was scoopy, brave, strong and very big mare therefore her owner who was a beginner couldn't manage to control her easy. After a while when the couple couldn't get on well, they gave the mare to one of the big class riders. The mare was jumping everything but that was her unluck because they pushed her so much and so high. And she got lame and started having tendon problems. Here the first story of the mare ends and another one starts... My father decided to have the mare because he knew her capabilities. He offered a low price as she was completely lame and bought her. We treated her for a year, special vets, special farrier, special shoes.. By the time I started competing at w1.20's with another horse, she became sound. I tried her at one competition and that was it, I was 15 and we bounded.. She carried me everyhwere and she pushed me up to mini grandprix's.

She was jumping 1.30's effortless and she was giving me a big box if confidence. We can always have ups and downs but when this horse was sound, we never had downs but only ups.

Yet again I needed to be careful with her and her health to keep her competing. After 2 seasons, one summer, we decided to leave her to a field for summer vacation. When I came back, I took her back to the club and started working.

In the middle of the season, she started being down and she had a coming-going bump next to the girth. Some vets told me to change the girth, some vets told me I should retire her and some told me it can be an alergy. So kept riding her but less, kept competing but lower classes until they figured out what was the real problem.

It a Sunday morning in February, my groom was calling from the house phone and he said there was a foal in the stable of my mare. We were all shocked that noone knew or understood she was pregnant even the vets. She hided her pregnancy very well and probably she got pregnant when she was in the field. Noone knew it, noone know how did it happen but we learned that there were a couple of stallions in the field. We never knew which one actually but that was the day I retired my number one competition horse. I stopped riding a while and she was happy in a field until 2014. I love her and keep speaking about her still so I believe a horse can really touch to your hearts deepest corners. ❤️