Why am I writing? What am I writing?

It has been while I wanted to write about my journey, my experiences, my adventures with my riders and also about equestrian daily fashion. So I decided it is the time, with 2018 you can be able to find everything about us in this blog or on my Instagram page.

Equestrianism is a long road with so many ups and downs also it is an expensive passion. Sometimes you need to be so lucky to find sponsors, sometimes you need more than luck to find good horses. I have been almost everywhere on this sport, I had my own horses, I qave up on riding for a while, I had chosen as a Turkish Team member, my number one horse died, I spent money, I earned money, I was hired by riders to ride their horses, I decided to give classes etc. So many ups and downs were already with me until I figured out what to do, how to do..

I learned one thing; when they say this is not a sport but this is a lifestyle, if you feel that in you then you must keep continue. We are loosing everything when we give up.

So from now on we will meet here on my blog about everything includes horses, also you can reach me via e-mail or just simply send a message from the message box above.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2018, full of success and horsemanship!